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Kidnap and Extortion Negotiator

Course Length:

Who the course is for:

5 days

This course has been designed to be delivered to experienced Hostage Negotiators.


About the course

Kidnap, Extortion and Product Contamination crimes are often committed by organised crime groups who are both innovative and ruthless in their approach to evading detection. These crimes are extremely challenging and difficult to manage. The investigation requires dynamic decision making, often on the basis of very limited information.

We will often only get one chance to identify these crimes and instigate the correct response. The consequences of failing to identify the crime and respond appropriately are significant and potentially fatal.

The role of the negotiator is a critical one so the purpose of this training is designed to provide guidance and advice, to Hostage Negotiators about their critical role.
This training course is intensive and will take the form of inputs, discussions, workshops but most importantly, exercises, where incrementally you will be afforded an opportunity to convert training into reality within a safe learning environment.

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