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  • Working with the Colombian National Police to deliver peaceful communities 

  • Supported by the British Embassy to provide advice, guidance and training assistance 

  • Activity focussed on community policing, delivering rights based approach to large scale social conflicts, gender mainstreaming



In 2016 the Government of Colombia signed a peace agreement with the FARC-EP armed groups. Since 2018, the Colombian National Police (PNC) has been working to develop a Peacebuilding Model. These efforts have been supported mainly by the Embassy of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in Colombia.

The British Embassy has offered further support to the PNC to promote the Peacebuilding Model across the country. This has led to the Police Innovations for Stabilisation in Colombia Programme (SCIP) being designed.

Further Information

Through these components, the SCIP Programme seeks significant changes within the police, communities, civil society and civilian authorities leading to safe communities.


Commencing February 2021, Police Scotland’s role is to provide advice, guidance and training assistance, to the SCIP Programme. The SCIP Programme aims to create safe and peaceful communities currently affected by violence and conflict. The three key themes for intervention are:
• community-based police prevention
• transformation of large-scale social conflicts from a rights-based approach
• gender mainstreaming

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